Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm gonna be better at this.

I will be better at posting things here. I just haven't decided if I'm gonna keep mixing my regular life-stuff with the food stuff, or if I'm gonna turn this blog into a food blog only, or I might start a food blog in Swedish instead. Haven't made my mind up yet.


I'm not sure the food I cook is something my English speaking friends would want to cook. There is a difference between the regular Swedish cuisine and the American one. But my New Year's resolution for this year (at least for spring) is to cook at least one new recipe every week. It's funny that Amanda also thought of that. Seems like getting cookbooks for Christmas makes one consider that. My new favorite food blog is Joy the Baker. (Found on Amanda's Love These-list.) I wanna do something similar. Do yo think I'll manage? I could be Emma the Pancake maker. 'Cause I love pancakes. And we eat them for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And I have a ton of different recipes.