Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I currently love

Pinterest - This is a website that lets you create mood boards and pin pictures from the web onto them. It's so fun and addictive and lets you discover great ideas for the home, new recipes that look yummy, cute dogs etc. It's invite only, but I think I'm able to send invites to an unlimited amount of people.

Angry Birds - Ever since Jessey and Dedee showed me this game on their iPad in July, I've been playing it. Now, I have it on my iPhone and I do have all three games; Original, Seasons and Rio.

The Ark - A Swedish pop/rock band. This is probably my all time favorite band. I have listened to the through all my different phases in life for the past 11 years. And now they're quitting. It's so sad.

Instagram - Also an app on my iPhone. It's for sharing photos with other people you follow. You also have a lot of different filters to put on the photo to make it look old. Or vivid. Or black & white. Or..

HomeFries - A series of podcasts. I prefer the Joy the Baker podcast and the Table Set podcast. I also find it entertaining to listen to the Crush Podcast even though I do not drink wine myself.