Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photo Challenge?

Well, I honestly don't know what happened with my photo challenge. Summer apparently meant so much more than time to blog. I'v been traveling quite a lot, not far, but back and forth to Göteborg a couple of times and some trips to my father in Landskrona and then to friends. And I did a lot of studying.

Now, I'm back in Göteborg for what hopefully is my last semester at uni and then I'll have a bachelor's degree in statistics. I'm taking a couple of different courses and I have some exams that I'll have to retake too. And then there's the issue about my bachelor's thesis. I now live in a new apartment on my own. A tiny tiny studio (smaller than my last one), but it's basically in the middle of down town Göteborg. I will have to post pictures as soon as I get it all done.

About the photo challenge. I think I'm just gonna take it up from where I left of, that is day 11. And then I'm gonna tell you all about my latest book finds and new favorite TV shows.